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Two Chefs One Catch: A Culinary Exploration of Seafood” guides you around coastal regions weaved through a tapestry of cultures, cuisine, mouthwatering recipes and magnificent photography. Bernard & Ron’s passion for the deep blue ocean jumps off the page bringing together the cook, the fisherman and the fragile ecosystem.”

-Eric Ripert,Chef, Author and co-owner of Le Bernardin, New York

"Refreshing and well organized! Travel the world through the experiences of two great chefs with awesome pictures, even better recipes and a tribute to our environment."

Rick Moonen Chef/Owner, Author, Educator,Rick Moonen's rm seafood , Rx Boiler Room

This book is a beautiful reflection of two chefs’ life experiences and culinary journeys through 45 countries. It showcases the wondrous bounty of seafood found all over the world and how different countries express their culture through food. Interspersed throughout the book are anecdotes and short stories that convey the Chefs’ love for the sea and passion for craft.

Roy Yamaguchi,Chef, Inventor of Hawaiian Fusion® Cuisine, Founder of Roy's Restaurant , Author

"My friends Bernard and Ron insatiable appetite -- for travel, for seafood and for life -- comes across on each page of this vibrant cookbook. Their thoughtful anecdotes and world-class recipes make Two Chefs, One Catch a must-have for anyone who cares to learn more about the ocean and the way we consume all the bounty it provides."​

Jose Garces, Garces Group ,Iron Chef,  Restaurateur, Author,James Beard award winner

Two Chefs, One Catch: A Culinary Exploration of Seafood, captures the incredible natural beauty and extensive bounty of what thrives under the waves. Chefs Bernard and Ron explore these unique seafood’s, framed in their natural splendor and seasoned with the complimentary local flavors that have shaped these indigenous cuisines. The inspiring presentations excite your cooking skills to try every recipe, while embarking on a global journey of taste that never tires.

Jimmy Schmidt,Chef of Morgan's in the desert, Beard Award Winning Chef,Author


"The wealth of knowledge that Bernard and Ron share in this book is a direct passport to delicious seafood"

Gavin Kaysen ,Chef/Owner - Merchant Minneapolis, MN ,Head Coach Team USA Bocuse d'Or

 Bernard Guillas and Ron Oliver's amazing new book, "Two Chefs, One Catch" A Culinary Exploration of Seafood, is far more than even its subtitle suggests. It is a complete guide for every variety of fish and seafood in our seven seas, along with detailed instructions on how to prepare and serve each of them. The fabulous photographs for every recipe are extraordinary. This magical book is a "must have" for anyone who loves seafood, or just wants a complete education on our oceans and their bounty.

Jeanne Jones, Author and Syndicated Columnist

For years I have drooled over the delicious photos posted on social media that are created by Chefs Bernard and Ron. Every time I surf the pages there is one word that comes to mind each and every time...Sexy! Sexy delicious food! Bernard and Ron’s passion for fresh seafood translate into absolutely delicious dishes that will tantalize your senses. A book to feed your soul, your friends and family. A seafood masterpiece! It be Tasty!

Chef Ted Reader, World Famous BBQ


It takes a lot of hard work putting together the details needed to help people guide their way through seafood cookery. To demystify seafood and take the scare factor out of its preparation is a huge service to the home cooking community. Chef Bernard and chef Ron have really done an amazing job compiling a thorough series of interesting and simple to follow recipes that will guide you through the world under the sea. My motto has always been to “Live a life in liquid” and these guys are doing it!

Dean James Max, President <*)))>< DJM Restaurants, Inc.

 Chef Bernard and Chef Ron have written one of the best seafood cookbooks of the century. The culinary creativity and details in this sensational book brings out the “true wonders and flavors of the sea”. Having developed many commercial recipes for the production of consumer seafood myself, it was totally impressed with the contents of Two Chefs, One Catch. This book will educate readers and delights “foodies” everywhere. I can’t wait for the sequel! Thank you for enlightening me and your continued contribution to the culinary world.“Stay Hungry, My Friends”!

 Chef Rick Tarantino, MS.Media Celebrity Chef.

Chef Bernard and Chef Ron’s award winning debut cookbook, Two Chefs, One World, was like that amazing appetizer that leaves you craving the next course. In their usual mouthwatering fashion and impeccable style, the chefs delivered another tasty winner in Two Chefs One Catch.

Chef Pierre Chambrin ,Executive Chef of The White House, 1990-94 ,Presently Executive Chef , St Louis Club

“My pal Bernard and his co-author Ron Oliver have created a perfect book in a new genre as they seamlessly blend classic French flavors, local caliterranean ingredients and modern technique in a way that begs me to use this book at home…
The photography is food porn, the recipes are simple, yet beguiling, and the entire book has set the bar much higher for all new cookbooks in the twenty first century. This is a modern masterpiece and is destined for much use in my home kitchens.”

-Chef Mario Batali , Author, Restaurateur , Educator , Celebrity Chef

 “This is without a doubt the work of two passionate chefs, one of whom I have had the luck to befriend. On his frequent visits to Australia, Bernard and I have met and talked passionately about food, our origins, our shared links with farm life, and starting work at a young age. So it is no surprise to me that Bernard and Ron have produced a beautiful, interesting book, which is the sum of life experiences, dedication, passion and serious research, yet studded with lightness and humor. Bravo, amico mio!”

-Chef Stefano de Pieri
Chef/owner, Stefano’s restaurant, Mildura, Australia, Author, Host, ABC Australia television

“Bernard and Ron’s passion for food and culinary travel jumps off the pages. This book is wonderfully organized and well written with recipes that are unique and delicious. The photographs are truly luscious enough to eat. This is a book that I will not only read from cover to cover again, but will also have fun cooking with!”

-Sondra Bernstein, Proprietor, the girl & the fig Sonoma, Author, the girl & the fig cookbook

 “Traveling Chefs Bernard Guillas and Ron Oliver take us on an amazing adventure around the globe. They are two of the most authentic and passionate chefs I know, and have generously shared their personal stories, favorite recipes and a magnificent taste of our world today.”

-Ingrid Croce, Restaurateur,  Publisher/author

 “I love how each recipe in this vibrant book pays homage to the country that inspired its creation. Bernard and Ron show that they are ready for an episode of Iron Chef with their creative colorful dishes that take us to all corners of the world. Allez cuisine!”

-Christine Cushing
Chef ,Author,  host, “Christine Cushing Live” on Food Network Canada

“What a treat, my favorite things, food and travel, beautifully executed in Flying Pans. Bernard and Ron with the help of Greg Bertolini (an extremely talented photographer) bring to life the sights, smells and tastes of their exotic travels. This book inspired me with beautiful recipes and heartfelt stories”

-Isabel Cruz, Chef/owner, Isabel’s Cantina, San Diego, Author, Isabel’s Cantina

“Anyone who loves to travel will enjoy the pleasures of Flying Pans – remarkable culinary journey. This cookbook reflects the special passion and devotion Chef Bernard Guillas and Chef Ron Oliver have for fine cuisine and exploring the globe.”

-Grace Young , Author, The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen, and The Breath of a Wok